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A poem for 11 brass instruments and percussion
Opus 1b (1988-92) 2 movements

1st performance: Frederiksborg Slotskirke (The Church at Frederiksborg Castle) 21/6 1992 Royal Danish Brass

Publisher (Recordings): Score and Parts Ankerstjerne Music:

    Cd: Brass ability   (1993)
    Performer: Royal Danish Brass
    Publisher: Rondo Grammofon RCD 8344

Duration (Movements): 18 min.

Commissioned by: Royal Danish Brass

Interference was originally composed for Copenhagen Brass Quintet with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and premiered in 1988 in Tivoli's Concert Hall. In 1992 Kim Helweg revised and extended the work to its present form, which received its first performance in the Chapel of Frederiksborg Castle in June 1992.
The English word forming the title, INTERFERENCE, is to be understood in two senses: partly intervention and partly interference in the scientific sense of the word, which both describe the principles which are fundamental for the composition both formally, tonally, thematically, rhythmically and harmonically. Interference consist of two movements which merge. The first movement is an Adagio and an Allegro written as one movement, and the second movement is a very jazzy Scherzo and a Finale, also written as one movement.