Kim Helweg, Ankerstjernemusic, Trekronergade 15B, st, 2500 Valby, Denmark, Phone: +45 3536 8863, Email:
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A poem for piano and percussion
Opus 2 (1989)

1st performance: Greve Medborgerhus 21/9 1992 Thalia Myers (pn) Erik Jacobsen (perc)

Publisher (Recordings): Score and parts Gehrmans

    Cd: Behind the Curtain   (2001)
    Performer: Erik Jacobsen (perc) Kim Helweg (pn).
    Publisher: PRO RECORDS PRO CD 005

    Cd: Behind the Curtain   (2008)
    Performer: Thalia Myers, Erik Jacobsen
    Publisher: FOCUS FPCD 2011

    Cd: Music for dance   (2003)
    Performer: Urban Elves
    Publisher: FOCUS

Duration (Movements): 18 min. 1 movement

Commissioned by: Jacobsen, Meyers/The Danish Arts Foundation