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DVOJNIK (version 1)

Concerto for 2 pianos, percussion and orchestra
Opus 17a (1993-95) (3-3-3-3-3/ 4-3-3-1-/2perc.,timp/strings)

1st performance: Teatro Colón 7/6 2002 Manuel Mansone, Silvia Dabul (pno) Angel Frette, Arturo Vergara (perc.)Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires cond. by Mario Perusso. Criticas, Musica danese

Publisher (Recordings): Score and parts Ankerstjerne Music

Duration (Movements): 30 min. 8 movements

Commissioned by: Thorson & Thurber, The Danish Arts Foundation

I love this double concerto although it is very different from that of Francis Poulenc. I especially like the first movement of the first concerto. I love the punchy and obsessive nature, the haunting and intense game of two pianos is jubilant. I also love the central slow movement two concertos where the composer allows a more lyrical and nostalgic lull, bringing to his work a little oasis of tenderness.

Review "...full of rhythm and even aggression, drama, coolness and romanticism....... In Dvojnik the composer is quite merciless in setting about the nature, structure and the mood of both his own work and of the story which inspired it...."
(Pianoforte Magazine)

" ....there is no denying the verve of writing...."

"In the work of Helweg there is something out of time and fashion; his relationship with the "concertante" genre is very personal and measured. Dvojnik is, with no doubt at all, one of the most attractive "concertante" works that has been heard lately"
(Clarin Newspaper, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

"In this original work, although heterogenous, of almost half an hour....the pianists used a great variety of expressive "tone productions" in order to beget the hallucinating atmosphere that spreads the whole work, interacting with the percussion group that in the cadenza has a significant presence."

(LA NACION, Buenos Aires, Argentina)