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for 2 pianos and percussion

Publisher (Recordings): Ankerstjerne Music

    Cd: American Fantasy - Kim Helweg works for 2 pianos and percussion   (2006)
    Performer: Manuel Massone, Silvia Dabul, Angel Frette, Arturo Vergara
    Publisher: CD: FOCUS FPCD 2017

Duration (Movements): 18 min.

Commissioned by: Manuel Massone, Danish Composers Society

This work belongs to a group of pieces all with the title "Partita", but with different instrumentations. This is the second one, commissioned by Manuel Massone. All the 3 partitas have the same basic components in their structure: a part where the instruments are playing different pieces at the same time and a part where they are playing in unison, giving the title "Partita" not only the meaning of the horizontal aspect (a suite) but also the vertical aspect ( a suite of movements played at the same time).